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Uniting Scattered Pieces of Self

These are time of transformation. Remind yourself of this as often as necessary, so you can proceed with redirecting your life and claim what was rightfully yours.  Gather all the scattered pieces of yourself, that you let go of, in the past.  Interactions, encounters and emotional expressions of choice in the past, has made us step away from these parts. It is time to reclaim them, as it is time to merge with all that is you. Now that you Love yourself fully. Now that you respect and honor yourself fully. You are ready to become whole again.

Use your power of intent to reclaim these scattered pieces of self, or use guidance.
Just know that it will happen, once you start manifesting this from the heart.

How can you make sure not to loose these parts ever again? 

Follow your heart's truth.
Be who you are and let that part of you that has surrounded you for as long as you exist, the part of you that tells you what to seek, who to trust, and where to go, guide you. Pure guidance comes through the channels of your heart, as your heart knows the truth of its calling.

Happy March!

Within Love,


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