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Inner Calling 

We are the product of time, we are the product of humanity; as they were and who they are becoming. 

We are informed within our light bodies, informed about where to go, what to absorb, what to accumulate, who to be.

We are co-creators, lead by our higher selves, stirred by higher beings, guided by the ones that we have chosen to allow the task of guidance, held together by the greater plan.

Have you heard your calling?

Step into the time that has no ending and emerge yourself within the knowledge of your true self.

You are, as I am, as they are. We Are One.
Linked, connected and bonded by life’s choice, by life’s essence.
Visit your past, visit your future, learn and bring understanding in the present that will allow further growth on a path that is straight without burdens or pain. A path chosen by our heart’s desires. 

Within Love, 


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Wilhelmina's paintings from 1992-2011, from soul to canvas

Self-Awareness - Re-Discovering Your Truth

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Novel: Moradyga - A Place Beyond Time

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written by Wilhelmina
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