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Warriors of Truth Unite

February is here; a new month, that will bring new weeks, days, hours and seconds for you to explore and embrace.

Turmoil may be around us, challenging us to stay centered and focused on the things we value and care about.

Your mind may be overwhelmed and filled with questions, activities or situations that require your input. Take a moment of silence when it becomes overbearing. Breathe, and allow calmness to override anxiety. Find silence, just because you can.

Within the allowed silence, you will recognize your heart’s longing to create balance within. You will hear whispers of your heart’s voice; sharing glimpses of your true mission. You will embrace your individuality within the unity of all; honoring, respecting and loving yourself and All that is. Just because you can.  

Remember what and whom are truly important to you, and shift your focus towards the core of your truth, dear warrior.

Become emotional independent, there is no better time, than today. As the world’s turmoil grows, so grows the necessity for you to remain within your truth. Peace can exist, wherever and whenever you allow it to exist.

Warriors of Truth Unite, and share and radiate your understanding, your love and persistence with those in need.

Start building your community, by living your truth. You will attract the ones that belong to your soul.

Let truth prevail.

Much Love,





Wilhelmina's paintings from 1992-2011, from soul to canvas


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