December is here...

I wanted to write something yesterday, but the day and today went by so fast.
How time has accelerated. First weeks went by fast, then months went by fast,
now this year went by so fast...

Yes, our days are filled up with so many tasks by choice.
Some experience challenges, others experience opportunities.
If you see it as challenges, you may want to ask yourself, Why?
As a challenge carries heavy energy that weighs you down,
and makes it harder for you to ...move forward.
It will make it harder for you to break away out of the
self-created circle of self-pity or sadness. If you see a situation
as an opportunity, no matter how hard it may seem,
you place yourself in the position of power and light,
that makes you soar to the solution, just because you
have chosen to allow yourself to do so.

Question is this month...Will we empower ourselves, or will we weigh ourselves down?
For you to answer and put forward into action.

Life flies by, make it worth it.

Happy December

Within Love,




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