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The following message was received by Spirit, during my radio show of 1/4/17:

New Beginnings
The earth has reached its turning point. Change is around the corner. Change is required and needed for mankind, for this planet to survive. And it will cause a lot of distress for people that haven’t embraced their heart’s truth, their heart’s choice.
The ones that have opened up to their hearts; be where you are required to be, follow the impulses that are given. Reserve your strength when needed, there will be a time that a lot of energy is required from you. Stay healthy, stay in shape, so when the time comes, what’s required, you will be able to relate to, to give, to become to be.
Fear is for the outsiders, not you
Fear is by choice, stay calm, stay focused, stay centered
The community among you will grow
The sights will change
New opportunities will arise, as the sun goes down
You all have come a long way
Stay clear from nuisance
Stay centered
Clean out what can be cleared
Create what’s in the offening
Unforeseen thoughts will soar as you rise above your current perspectives
Tomorrow is new, today is here
Create now, what tomorrow will bring
We are here always to guide you
Clarity is given, listen, stay within silence when needed, become you
Frightened are they that don’t decide
Their truth lies within reach
Reach out, embrace, collect, be brave be you.



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