Many who took the turn onto this road, came across bumps, hard to manage curves, exits, amazing sights and rest areas and many many crossroads.

Even though no journey seems to be the same, because of its surroundings (interactions/people/history/culture), the essence is very similar, expressed through our feelings and more importantly, experienced under influence of energy that surrounds us and is being increased step by step, minute by minute until we reach full circle within.

We All are going through important change in life. Embrace who you are to become in Light, Love and Unity with All that is.  Connect with your heart..this very moment, the next..Always.



Reconstruction towards 5D

Reconstruction is crucial now that you are within the now of Being. Emotional freedom is a new virtue mankind will embrace fully in the year to come.  Let truth behold the scepter of innocent. Knowledge will be there for those that no longer seek. True elevation comes when we seek no more, just Be.

When we put energy into the moment, and do what we can do best, we fulfill our responsibilities.
When we do not seek approval, as we have given ourselves approval within Love, to be fully present in the here and now, we will be surrounded by the ones that resonate with our song, our rhythm, our essence, our being. A complementary stream of love and fortitude will exist around us; motivating and stimulating us, to do our best, and be our full self. A new sense of silence will be introduced to our beings. The silence of emotional independence, that carries no stress, worries, sadness or pain. It carries peace, love, and respect, for yourself and others.

There will no longer be doubts about others or yourself, as the truth will be seen, and acted upon. Innocence of you inner-child will not die in vain, but will be kept alive, nourished and respected.
As we restructure our inner-self, we automatically help our environment, planet, and All that is.
When we stop searching for answers, we will find our answers within.

When we stop putting energy in needing and wanting, we will recognize and revaluate that what and whom, we already have in our life.

Within this peaceful energy, we will elevate to higher grounds. Higher grounds that will show us clearly, what will be next.

The process of reconstruction is worked on when we have made the heart choice to rise up energetically. In other words, it automatically is put into working when we have made the decision within to embrace our truth within Love.  Now that you have chosen to be aware of your truth; the right situations, opportunities, actions, impulses and knowledge will come on your path, that you will pick up, and put into action appropriately.

You will know, when ready, as you will feel the shift within. Situations that normally would have caused you stress or sadness, now will be felt for a shorter period of time, if at all, and this will be less and less as time moves on. This experience changes, as it will be acknowledged and appropriately dealt with, because you can, now that you can access your truth and the deeper meaning of life – clarity is your ally.

People’s anger, stress or sadness, that normally would have drawn you in; now will be objectively observed and dealt with appropriately as well, because you know when it involves you and when it does or does not, you will be able to let go of the old emotional burden and move on in the way suitable and required to find a solution.

Simply make the hearts choice, and stay truthful to yourself on this path called life, and reconstruction can be completed.

Until we meet again.

Within Love,



Wilhelmina shared what was relevant in the moment. During her workshops/classes and private seesions, she speaks from the heart accompanied by the Higher Realms. Feel the translations of the words. Memories will awaken. 

The shared words contain different layers and we invite you to open your heart so you can recognize the depth and contents of them. Whenever she receives new insights to share you can read it on this website.

Below you will find the past messages.

Uniting Scattered Pieces of Self

These are time of transformation. Remind yourself of this as often as necessary, so you can proceed with redirecting your life and claim what was rightfully yours.  Gather all the scattered pieces of yourself, that you let go of, in the past.  Interactions, encounters and emotional expressions of choice in the past, has made us step away from these parts. It is time to reclaim them, as it is time to merge with all that is you. Now that you Love yourself fully. Now that you respect and honor yourself fully. You are ready to become whole again.

Use your power of intent to reclaim these scattered pieces of self, or use guidance.
Just know that it will happen, once you start manifesting this from the heart.

How can you make sure not to loose these parts ever again? 

Follow your heart's truth.
Be who you are and let that part of you that has surrounded you for as long as you exist, the part of you that tells you what to seek, who to trust, and where to go, guide you. Pure guidance comes through the channels of your heart, as your heart knows the truth of its calling.

Happy March!

Within Love,


Read more about Release & Reclaiming in my Blog Dream Time


Warriors of Truth Unite
February is here; a new month, that will bring new weeks, days, hours and seconds for you to explore and embrace.
Turmoil may be around us, challenging us to stay centered and focused on the things we value and care about.

Your mind may be overwhelmed and filled with questions, activities or situations that require your input. Take a moment of silence when it becomes overbearing. Breathe, and allow calmness to override anxiety. Find silence, just because you can.

Within the allowed silence, you will recognize your heart’s longing to create balance within. You will hear whispers of your heart’s voice; sharing glimpses of your true mission. You will embrace your individuality within the unity of all; honoring, respecting and loving yourself and All that is. Just because you can.  

Remember what and whom are truly important to you, and shift your focus towards the core of your truth, dear warrior.

Become emotional independent, there is no better time, than today. As the world’s turmoil grows, so grows the necessity for you to remain within your truth. Peace can exist, wherever and whenever you allow it to exist.

Warriors of Truth Unite, and share and radiate your understanding, your love and persistence with those in need.

Start building your community, by living your truth. You will attract the ones that belong to your soul.

Let truth prevail.

Much Love,


The following message was received by Spirit, during my radio show of 1/4/17:

New Beginnings
The earth has reached its turning point. Change is around the corner. Change is required and needed for mankind, for this planet to survive. And it will cause a lot of distress for people that haven’t embraced their heart’s truth, their heart’s choice.
The ones that have opened up to their hearts; be where you are required to be, follow the impulses that are given. Reserve your strength when needed, there will be a time that a lot of energy is required from you. Stay healthy, stay in shape, so when the time comes, what’s required, you will be able to relate to, to give, to become to be.
Fear is for the outsiders, not you
Fear is by choice, stay calm, stay focused, stay centered
The community among you will grow
The sights will change
New opportunities will arise, as the sun goes down
You all have come a long way
Stay clear from nuisance
Stay centered
Clean out what can be cleared
Create what’s in the offening
Unforeseen thoughts will soar as you rise above your current perspectives
Tomorrow is new, today is here
Create now, what tomorrow will bring
We are here always to guide you
Clarity is given, listen, stay within silence when needed, become you
Frightened are they that don’t decide
Their truth lies within reach
Reach out, embrace, collect, be brave be you.

New Beginnings

 The energies for 2017 are felt by many as New Beginnings, mostly due to the numerology knowledge/believe that translate 2017 into number 1. Does this number represent the energy that manifests this change, or is it the believe and expectancy of many that creates the change?
Or is it more than that? 

The number 1 on its own, obviously does not manifest anything, as numbers and dates were created by mankind. It's truly what you believe, and what the masses believe, that creates a ripple, a cloud of manifestation that can be felt by those that are open, and can be igniting others to start working, in this case, on their new ways, abilities, and opportunities. Their new beginnings.

Energies from beyond play an important part in this as well. They programmed those, they could reach, and taught us how to translate, think, feel and create - mostly without us knowing. If we expect and believe, then we allow, we open up for it. When that happens beyond can help, give impulses and help establish the required. That's why prayer has power, as when we pray, we believe and are open to receive the miracles in which we believe in. These miracles were always, yet unknowingly, within reach, and will now be accepted by us.
If our mind is blocking, if our ego is refusing to receive, we will not perceive.

The feeling of inner power is rejoiced when you realize that there is always room for change and improvement of any situation, within the free mind that allows the possibility to exist within trust, believe and perseverance.

For those that are ready to move to the next level of consciousness, for those that truly fully believe, will achieve as help will be recognized, embraced and implemented, so the journey can continue within a new light, a new awareness, with a new you.

Happy 2017!

Within Love,



December is here...

I wanted to write something yesterday, but the day and today went by so fast.
How time has accelerated. First weeks went by fast, then months went by fast,
now this year went by so fast...

Yes, our days are filled up with so many tasks by choice.
Some experience challenges, others experience opportunities.
If you see it as challenges, you may want to ask yourself, Why?
As a challenge carries heavy energy that weighs you down,
and makes it harder for you to ...move forward.
It will make it harder for you to break away out of the
self-created circle of self-pity or sadness. If you see a situation
as an opportunity, no matter how hard it may seem,
you place yourself in the position of power and light,
that makes you soar to the solution, just because you
have chosen to allow yourself to do so.

Question is this month...Will we empower ourselves, or will we weigh ourselves down?
For you to answer and put forward into action.

Life flies by, make it worth it.

Happy December

Within Love,


What is your personal place of power?

To me, it is a place that welcomed you, the very first time you entered it. Every time you go there you feel full of love, warmth, safe and at home.

This special place gives you  inspiration, motivation and stimulation to be your personal best in any way or form.

You will feel shifts that rejuvenates, electrifies, clarifies, heals and awakens parts of you that you have never dreamed of before.

It could be your bath tub, a place, a country or a specific state of mind and being.

How can you find your personal place of power?

Follow your heart, and go where you feel you need to go. Practice to be silent enough within, to be able to feel the mentioned shifts within. Reunite with yourself and learn to feel what is truly right for you.

Allow it, and enjoy it..just because you can.



There is a powerful emergence of energy flow on earth, which started a few days ago. This results in physical disruptions and sensations, which are not always understood.

Years ago spirit shared with me; from love we came, within love we will grow.
If that was understood, the below will be clear.

Our power of intent is enhanced when we are within the motion that belongs to our heart's calling.

Redirect the given structure within a meditative state of mind. Let go and let be, and allow the knowledge of your being to become one with the universe. Redirecting energy is instructed from that level, through your senses.  Search within, find the ailment, find the imbalance and redirect the healing energy to that place within.

With an open heart and love for yourself, Love can be enhanced within again.

Our mantra of Love, will help us redirect when needed, and heal when needed. You will feel the impulse for action, and passion. Just focus on Love, and healing and balance will occur.

Love will encompass you and feed what needs to be fed. Within this Love energy, your abilities will flourish and bloom into the rose it is meant to become.

Our Journey


The motion has followed you home

The motion is your conscience, your actions

It brought you to this secure place you call home

It’s where your heart no longer wanders
It’s where your soul is committed

It’s where you sing, dance, cry and become


Gather, release and move on strongerWithin love, gratitude and respect for ourselves and others, we move on and forward.

What was on our path, we embrace as valuable lessons
What comes on our path, we will embrace within the new light that is ours

Within simplicity, truth, love and light we gather, release and move on stronger.

Until we meet again, 


He, She, You, We, They, Us..OurIt has been a long time, since I wrote.
My last posting was in July of 2012. Today, it is time again.

We all walk the path of life in our own way; within our own beliefs, truth and acceptances.
We gather experiences, learn from our experiences and move forward in our own way.

We choose, we lead, we follow, we search, we decide in the way we can and allow ourselves to

No matter where you came from, or are
No matter what your beliefs are, or were
No matter how you look, or looked like

You are in the here and now creating a part of Our existence

When we become aware of the current times, the here and now
When we become aware of ourselves, our heart and soul

We Become

What does that mean; We Become?

Becoming means to me; becoming complete in the moment.
Which translates into being happy, loving & ready
to make the best of each second, situation and challenge you will encounter 
Becoming your full potential within every fragment of your existence

Every fragment of who you are You should embrace at all times
Then you will see that He, She, You, We, They and Us are all OUR
You only choose where and with whom you want to Be

How can you Become?

Stop making excuses, Stop blaming others, Stop hiding from your truth, Stop expecting from others,
Stop wanting to own others, Stop taking what is not yours to take, Stop doubting yourself

Start loving yourself, Start trusting yourself, Start allowing yourself, Start believing in yourself,
Start to respect yourself, Start to embrace peace within yourself
and it will become clear

Embrace life as an adventure and know when to surrender, follow and lead
May truth prevail

Happy trails,



May the beauty of life shine through to you.When we surrender to the truth and mission of our soul, problems are seen in a different light.
The heavy burden is replaced by noticing that something is out of balance and knowing that it will be solved
in the right way and time that we choose to embrace.

When we surrender to the truth and mission of our soul, the simplicity of life becomes clear.
The creation of thought and manifestations, belief and values, wonder and magic is understood and carried forward in a new light

When we surrender to the truth and mission of our soul, we no longer await acceptance from others.
The need to be loved is replaced by being loved by the self and all that know you for who you truly are.

When we surrender to the truth and mission of our soul, we start living the life we can live to our fullest potential.
We have become self-aware within the love carried forward by our exsistence.

We have allowed the beauty of life to shine through us every second of the day.

Wilhelmina McKittrick


A lot have been changed in the past few years. Change is always eminent in my life.

No matter what we undertake, change always takes an important role and the ways things are being experienced are seen from different angles as we go. As we look at the different opportunities change always ignites, it leaves us restless at first. Restless as our mind is entangled in the possible solutions, alterations and moves that are required to make the new change a successful one that resonates with our hearts. Things settle when the wished outcome is reached, or a clearer understanding has been reached of the whys and hows.

Why do we worry about unknown facts that change brings along?

Why are we so hungry for control?

Even though we know that whatever will come will be fine as we make it fine, we still try to control the wires that are entangled in the situation at large. With this we are risking new frontiers being built as fear still leads us as courage no longer holds its candle high for us to see the sincere ways created for us by those that are with us to co-create the new planet earth.

When you try to see in fear, you can’t see the misty roads when light is shining at you. You can’t move to higher grounds with fear showing you where to move to. Fear doesn’t hold the roadmap to higher grounds as it is blinded by its own intentions, that deludes you when allowed in. We can see when the road is left there to simply use as tools to reach the unknown mysteries life has given /is giving you to embrace.

Bring forward and challenge yourself to break through the wars that have become a nuisance for you to hold on to. These are the wars that are caused by inner turbulence, inner conflicts, and inner struggles between ego and heart, and are no longer required and allowed by you. Go forward tracking truth in ways unseen, unheard untouched, yet known to be right for you.

You are ready. Meant what is. Become


They say that life has a beginning and an end. Everything we do, everything we create has a beginning and an end. Everyone we meet we meet and we greet again at one point in our life.

But what if there was no ending, just an introduction of awareness and an ongoing existence with no end in time?
Would we live differently, would we become more aware of the moment we are living in?

What if…

Momentarily living creates allowance of experiencing unseen depths in knowing and existing.

What if…

What if there were no what if’s anymore, just an acting in the moment to the best of our ability and intentions as we trust, honor, respect and love ourselves to the point that fear is not controlling our actions any longer.

When fear is not in control of our actions, we are rising above the occasions of disturbing thoughts of inadequacy , hatred, abandonment and restlessness.

Staying in balance, once we experience the accomplishments never touched before, will leave us with space and endless opportunities, for us to seize as we follow our feet in the seconds that are given to us to experience Life.



Honor and respect yourself

When you honor and respect yourself from the heart you don’t put others down in any way or form, because you honor and respect them as well.

You honor and respect them as you understand that everyone that does not, has their own judgments made out of insecurity for themselves.

When you honor and respect yourself you are not insecure about your abilities and choices as you embrace the unknown territory as an adventure where you can learn and experience life and all of its splendor, joy and trials.

When you have this inner freedom you let go of people, places and things that do not fit your inner self, inner truth and intertwine with those that come to you, surround you and connect with you in the ways your heart desires.

Teach the children not to forget what is known in their heart as the purest truth we can carry, so they don’t have to find themselves at a later age to live better life’s on this planet we call Earth.

Guide, love and support them, and the honor and respect that you have for them and yourself will shine onwards through them and anyone they will encounter.

Happy living.


Are you looking for your truth?
Who are you?
Are you trying to find direction in life?

Direction and truth you can find in your hearts longings.

First question would be: Can you connect with your heart? If so;
What do you like, want to do, care for from the heart?
Go and explore and loosen the ties that keeps you in a stagnant place because you think you need to do it and it is expected from you.

What do you want from the heart?
Try not to see any limits (as that means mind intrusion) , just allow yourself to freely Feel.
All the limits that come up; erase them from the heart. Allow yourself Freedom to live, so your truth can rise to the surface.

If connecting to your heart is not easy;
Allow silence in your mind through the meditative state of mind.
Exercise, meditate, listen to music, express yourself creatively, make love…find your way.
Within the silence of your mind have the intention to connect with your hearts truth.
Don’t expect anything…just allow yourself to experience what may come your way.

Enjoy every moment given.

Enjoy life and trust that every moment you will act and utilize to the best of your abilities,
only because you will allow yourself to do so from a heart and mind concordance. Created by your soul’s intensions. In this new balance, created in every moment’s possibility, you blossom and grow within the flow allowed in by your soul’s precision.

May your light shine bright in today’s wonders.


Why do people lie?

A lie is nothing. When you lie you become a lie, and you don’t want to become nothing; I always teach my kids.

Not lying to yourself and others, is the same as allowing yourself to live fully aware of your existance and pure inner powers. In this energy you consciously choose to become, evolve and exist in the new world which no longer carries illusional patterns that were/are connected to the brain portals.

Still excuses and lies are sometimes expressed to avoid certain encounters that are feared somehow.

Why do people lie and how can we help change this around?

Is it to be seen in a different light then what is truthful?

Is it because assumptions and conclusions were made that can’t be met anymore, yet is too hard to admit as ego is ruling within?

Is it because judgments are feared, and self is not fully accepted due to conditionings?

Is it because your ego is not allowing you to surrender to the known truth that lives in your heart?

Is it because you do not love and accept your true self fully?

Is it because the truth is too hard to meet, yet desired in your hearts?

Many reasons as always as there are many people with different patterns , history and habits.

What to do when you recognize lies that come your way?

Personally I have not always commented on it, as I knew that excuses will be made and the people are not ready to be truthful to their selves, because of conditionings that were and are accepted.

Also I did not always bother, because of the fact that I felt that the truth was too hard to live by due to addictions, disbelieve in themselves and/or hardship encountered and put within themselves as a defense mechanism against truly existing. At those times I accepted their choices and remained silent.

I do realize that by not expressing my truth, I do not only respect the person choices, I also allow the lie and or the behavior to continue to exist within that person. I do realize as well, that I did not always responded, as I was not interested in handing the person a mirror as the responses would require further effort, which I shied away from.

Being confronted with lies and not acting against it, is not in the best interest of the party you have encountered. Discussions are sometimes feared, and the angry energy that may come back at you are sometimes feared as you have not allowed yourself to fully live from the heart just yet, I was recently reminded of.

When you respond in an aggravated way to anger encounters, realize that you have closed your heart for that person or situation at that time. Open your heart and feel what needs to be shared. Stay within love, patient and your truth as you share your words and energy with the one in front of you.

You have to understand that when you have young ones, your young ones will recognize the lies and excuses and they will absorb them, as their ways of interacting with one and other. They do that as you are their example. Your ways are a guideline for them in the beginning and often later part of their lives.

Making up excuses as the truth is too hard to bear, only happens when you allow yourself not to live within the truth that you are.

Be what you truly are, and be the truthful example you know your kids and others will benefit from, now and always.

Much love to you all on your journey called life

Spiritual consciousness…a way of life

When you first get the notion of the vast world and her surroundings, you start to research and discover more and more as your curiosity has awoken.

Your spiritual senses are slowly rising as they are triggered and fed by the new energy that has been allowed in now.

So much information, so many different truths and feelings. What is right and what is wrong? Is there a right and wrong? We walk various roads that will all lead us to the truth of our own hearts.

When we have found that understanding, when we have found our own truth and when we have allowed ourselves to live in the freedom of the moment: things are settling down and the integration of momentarily focus has evolved into the new spiritual conscious you.

Now the days are built around the seconds that arise in front of you, and you’re seeking truth of yourself in every occasion that build itself in front of you in a natural way. Seeking that has become heart focused and not retaliates with minds blurriness when unknown circumstances arise out of the depth of normality.

Now is what is now that offers moments of new visions, depths, joy and pleasures. Guided we flow, united we became a human being evolving in the next wave, that is a continues stride.

Now you let the waves become you, moment to moment, you are in or seconds away from freedom as your choice is your path.

Happy living!

Much Love to You.


What keeps you from entering the soul’s path that leads to the purpose of our existence?
We know where we should go to come closer to our truth,
yet drift of easily and remain within the notion of god’s forsaken challenge, the more we try to get closer to it.

Trying, prevents us from reaching the goals needed, to enfold our true meaning of being able
to survive in the massmorphosis to come. To be is to become whole.

When truth prevails, one’s motion creates bliss..without this we seek the not to be found.
The corners chosen are no longer needed, prevailed as judging brings full attention to you.
Attention distracts you from continuing search with boundaries, brings food for thought..endless..unite your souls,
prevail your truth..unite.

The time has come. Become whole again and reap fruits so the day that comes, comes with grace and splendor.

Life is an adventure that has no sick days or holidays. Life; an ongoing feast of giving, taking, accepting and learning.
The further we go, the more we understand and keep to ourselves as pure resolutions.
Looking back can give you joy, pain, sadness and new perspectives.

When hardship reaches us, no boundaries are kept up standing.
Focus changes and shifts in the direction needed and given to us.

The time, to find what lies there for you to pick up and use on the next journey to come, is there when you choose to embrace it.

Many are reaching the pivotal point of change that lies underneath the predicament of past foliated truths.

Life expectance has more in store that you can or will anticipate.
Take it day by day in full awareness and acceptance of yourself and the universal bliss that awaits your homecoming.

Become simple, honest, true… Become you.

Much Love to All

Dawn of the day fall; Human thoughts recreate the world

February, 2011

Are you tired of the ridicule the world is partly living in?

Harvesting evolvement, comes with practice of good intent and beliefs. Old thoughts can’t make this true.
In the end you need to let go of human structures held on for too long that are not serving the whole.

It is time to restructurize thought patterns.
Comprehension and thoughts will open, eliminate distress and then they will conquer and recreate wonders the world has been waiting for.

For Ions we were there on your sides creating bridges and steps to guide you through. The membrane has sunken into yours.
Believes has been altered, and are being brought down now to assist you further ahead as the membrane is changing again into a new way of communicating to one another. The goal is: building bridges for the structure of new mundia.

Now prepare. Let thoughts arise in balance and recreate the ways of thinking in a liberal truth that boundaries can’t touch.

It’s not about who is what, who did what or who is who. It is about joining in and utilizing the power of existence, All as One.

Much Love to All

Some questions were asked to me about the inner changes, which I answered in the following recording: Heart perspective

Dear All,
My last update was written in October, and I have not received any impulses/information to write an update.
What has been said and written in my books is ongoing and will be for the coming time to come.
Read the updates I have written in the past and feel what is yours to use.
I am painting, singing, sharing and creating what comes my way. You can follow that here and on www.evolutionarypaintings.com, www.xsist.org/blog and www.youtube.com/wilhelminamckittrick .
I wish you, You on your path.
Until we meet again.

Within Love,


We are undergoing a quickening that relies on programming done in past purifications.

The mind has altered. Many are undergoing the shift in time. Annoyingly ignorant they remain at first when they are still lingering within the old, as they adjust in the newly found structures. Back and forward they swim and adjust time after time..with nuisance, pain, joy and love.

New limits are pushed out and forward they move, in the unknown hemisphere of today. Where to go, what to eat or drink; is subtly known and directed from within.

Predictions are less valid as time has been given the notion to concretely change things in every given moment in time. The more reach the ability, the stronger the flow, and alteration is given flied. The more we are trusting the given time within the spectrum of old knowing, as the days are giving you, and sometimes pushing you, to flow with it, the more freedom in the new is understood and allowed in.

read more on www.xsist.org/blog

Stressing and worrying

Are you worried how things may end up. Do you feel responsible for other people’s needs and requirements, or are you living truly in the moment of acceptance of the divine will that correlated with yours as you are one with the divine role.

When we are worried about certain outcomes, we are functioning with our soul that is limited by our mind. As you allow such things to occur, you stimulate and concentrate on different outcomes that can or could happen. Whilst doing that you become immune to the outcome that lies there, and awaits you to come clean to submit to your souls calling.

You are you and always will be. How things develop in the worlds preliminary sequence of allowance and betrayal is up to the ones that hold the key to the souls door of reliance and inductance. Become true to your souls journey that has much in store for you that is incomprehensive to the mind’s eye.

Sail with no notion but with the trust that the sails will be kept in the direction required to sail home.

Within Love,


The silence in the New World


When you have found the silence in the New World you may wonder at first if everything is ok. You may be alerted as the pace and rhythm that surrounds you now is completely new. Even though it may not feel wrong and just is, the old habits are remembered, even though you have let them go. The mind still plays a role, even though it is not a controlling one. The mind is there in balance with your heart and makes you remember what was normal in the recent past. Your heart assures you that the new found pace and rhythm is yours now to hold, and so it shall be.

In the past you may always have had different occupations, tasks, hobbies and feelings of obligation that are no longer there. Second by second you embrace what comes your way and make the best out of each moment within the feelings, mood or interest and so on, that you find yourself by choice at that specific moment in time.

The energy of the people around you is strongly felt. You are aware of truth and lies, whether people are genuine or playing a game for themselves or others to justify their misconceptions of what truly is and can be, and it is ok. You deal with it in a peaceful way that makes you not divert from your truth and as you are you radiate outwards and inwards and will be recognized and looked at by others. The love that you are draws them to you. People may easily fall in love with you now, as that is how they translate this pure love sensation they feel when they are in your presence.

No matter how they will translate their feelings you will be you and will allow in what is needed to continue your course of life within all the strength, love and light that you are.

Within Love,


Unexpressed emotions.

When you are in tune with your surroundings, and know or feel thoughts of others; it is important to understand how to stay within balance with unexpressed emotions.

We live with people not always necessarily in tune or in balance and ready to embrace the new truths of the New World, yet we are inclined to maintain in a certain flow that captures both sensors of old and new worlds captivation that is not yet been understood.

We cannot escape, nor can we longer be at peace with it, yet know that these circumstances and people remain in our surface of understanding. Knowing maintains a struggle when one unites with the barriers that are unspoken of by choices made based upon truth that carries no longer your initiative as it is/was over shown by someone’s anger/distress/hate/sadness or any other lower emotion.. your own structural changes can’t come full circle when you attach yourself/ hold on to the structure that is outgrown.

Essential is to maintain in a frame of time where you can’t illuminate your own truths for
the sake of harmony that is not your own.

Let go of humans that are within different structures by choice. Help humans that want to change/shift into the prognations the new world carries.

It is not important to express your emotions for the sake of it to be heard or seen by others the way you know is best. Your truth that carries no pain, no lower emotions is not justified when understood by others, it no longer needs to be justified nor understood by others as you know and flow with it regardless the choices of your surroundings.

This is one of the important truths to be understood fully, to embrace the emotional independence spoken of. Eliminate distress that is carried forward by someone else’s
persuasions, understanding and translation of things, situations and/or you. The heart knows the truth, the mind carries blurriness that holds truth to justify thoughts or feelings made by us within the structural membrane of the old.

Release yourself from that structure, that truth and understanding by solely becoming you.
Can we live with others that still carry the old structures? You are living with them and cannot live on an island. The time is near to surround yourself again with humanity . The time has come to become you in a new membrane structure that is unspoken for/of .

My partner/friend/spouse/child/colleague lives a truth unheard of in my life or world. Can I be/stay with him/her/them, or should I release myself from him/her/them?

It is essential to stay focused on different angles that matters more than the one you are in or are questioning. The right answer will arise, when you do so.

When we give food for the thoughts that carry no light rays we choose to remain in the
structure of the old world. When blending the old with the new we capture the sole interest of growth yet we can’t bring ourselves around the corner where full circle can be reached within.

Emotional distress is a sign of letting go of your own balance for the sake of things, situations and interactions your mind/ego has found relevant to admit/adjust/become/experience.

Release yourself consciously from ego. Visualize yourself going out of the head and into the heart. Breathe out the old believes and longing, breathe in the new you. Hold yourself dearly as you become one with the universe that holds no expectation, no blame, no sorrow. Experience freedom, become who you intended to be.

They that judge you through the eyes and mind are no longer relevant. They that want to know the true you, will in the structure we call the new, but is the only true place of existence once you unite with the horizon with no end or beginning.

Amasra devotu jerusaim

Within Love,


Perceiving is Believing and Believing is Perceiving


What it is that we perceive, is what we allow ourselves to translate/believe.

When you are operating from your heart, you have no interlaced perceptions based upon belief systems created by man to evolve in a manner suites by their expectations.
It is not hard to lie to one self, it is harder to be the one our soul remembers; with the powers we could call our own. We most often did not allow to remember, as it was inappropriate for the similar reason given before.

Powers are genuinely parts of us not recognized because of the programming made/allowed in past interactions.

Don’t hold back thinking you are not involved with the perceptions that are yours to begin with. How would you be able to translate, if the given was not allowed/build within previously.

You cannot be reached when the doors to reunion are closed off by thoughts wandering off to the dessert. Bring yourself deeper than before the sifting took place in minds portals.

Arrange new ways by believing you are the one who you are.
Bring forward union, created by your intention, for the core is awaiting the arrival of you.

Within Love,




Why, How and What next

Since the beginning in time, when humanity started to realize that there was more on this planet and beyond that was not found out yet or understood, people started to search for answers on the many questions that arose in their heads.

At first without the tools. They were drawing conclusions based upon beliefs and feeling. They had logical explanations and conclusions based upon prior thoughts, feelings, and knowledge that was shared. One came to preconceived knowing that was still lingering and not holding its grounds as there were so many different opinions and beliefs that came up with so many proof, counter facts, thoughts and assumptions that made the quest even bigger and more interesting than before.

As the questions and the longing for answers became bigger, one rose to deeper understanding, guided by beyond, finding solutions that led to inventions that then led to greater explorations within, outside and beyond our planet.

Humanity always had thoughts , interest and curiosity about finding other planets similar
as ours that had similar life and existence like ours. They have been searching for it as long as it was possible and are getting to the pivotal point of finding answers. Answers in true findings based upon new structural changes that are leading them to find the truth seen through the universal eye, not blocked by expectation nor wants or needs but simply by finding out as the time is here to do so.

Within no pressure and a loving environment, in which they will find themselves, doors are kept open and structures are being rebuild inside of them. Structures that were there to begin with, but lost strength along the way.

So in other words scientists are at a breaking point of finding the true answers that was longed for searched for and asked for , but never found as the right structures were never nurtured nor believed in.

This has changed for few, and will change for many in the years to come. Most importantly, it will reach a pivot point of retraction/contraction; this makes human forms look pail against the rise of foretold remembrance.

Humanity was looking for similar planets and life forces, yet forgot to let go of the expectance based upon knowledge, truths, beliefs formed and ejected on the minds of human forms.

Yes there are other life forms, always have been, always will. Basic knowledge is required to form an opinion on this planet.

Formlessness thoughts are essential to elevate on becoming the existing being beyond our knowing.

What is perceived is believed. What if not everyone could perceive them as the structures were working against it? What if the longing was keeping them far away from purifying the minds orders to become less structured based on limited consecrated states of mind. Letting go of past structures has known to be helping in finding solutions, inventions and so called pronation in the ones that have out-stock the worlds preliminary ways of knowing.

Connection with the All that secludes non, yet is secluded by so many on this wondrous place called earth.

Expectations has given humanity structures based upon longing, needing, wanting, and being willing based upon mind control that holds no post in the world of separated thoughts.

We are here to help reconstruct the ones that are now here and walk the planet with thought of elaborated truth, trust in the core of one self. This leads to openness, freedom within the core of existence, reality without blurriness, needs, want or desires based on knowing more, craving more, having more, becoming more.. now merely is part of All.
This human change in structure is giving you/us wings in the direction that is going to find fruits, splendor, joy and laughter in the love for existing here, there, everywhere needed, required, requested merely by the souls order in illuminating force brought there by you and us in the angelic order or frequency.

When found no time is needed to be kept in line, as All is in the sublime of alternating forms. Bring you there were the tide has fallen into sublism.

Acrashna cumsli devotaroska milloneski; the tide is releasing you , illuminate your thoughts by becoming present in the moment you are aligning with. Become more free when you release the wonderment. You are to begin the journey with no end or beginning consciously. Sublime ways are being forecasted, brought back and forth to you in the coming rise July is bringing forth.

In Gratitude,


Inner You

Creating bridges, clearing boundaries and creating peace is eminent in these coming weeks.

Inner peace is always required when turmoil brings you to inner upheaval. You allow the turmoil in merely due to the adapted belief system you have chosen to live in. What do you believe now? Does that still fit the old patterns that you are holding on to? If not, is not it time to release yourself from that?

Blow away the stress, discomforts, irritations and frustrations and take a moment in which you allow yourself to be free. Free from beliefs, knowledge, needs and wants. Just Be.

Within that peace you will find back your rhythm. Take it in, breathe it in and hold on to it as long as you can allow yourself. .and whenever you find yourself back in the motion that is not yours; Remember You, Remember your Rhythm and bring yourself back to that place within your heart where peace lives within the Love that you are.

Many have felt and are experiencing the current shifts as crucial for the coming times. No time to waste. Time to finally move, change and adapt to what is needed.

Create inner peace then recognize the bridge that lies there for you to guide you to the structural changes that lies ahead of you. Each and every one of you will/have experienced these changes merely because you have chosen to feel and become You.

Replenish yourself as often as you can. The need is there to recharge and become fully focused on the next steps that are to be taken by you in the months to come.

Find the Love for yourself fully and dance among the stars in the rhythm that belongs to your soul.


Within Love,



Continue to prepare yourself for the future engagements you will be in. Many things are about to take speed. With that I mean to say to All of you that have worked on getting ready, are ready for the next engagement that comes in.

July will give you the wings that allow you to take flight in the unknown sacred venues your heart has been guiding you to. You are brought to stable understandings so the old can merge within the newly found.

Bring yourself there were the motion will be found that will lead you further to were the old world’s road ends and the new world will be recognized, known, seen and heard.

How to do that: silence your thoughts; allow sadness to dissipate within the love that you call your own.

Gatherings are organized to help facilitate the new structure within. Those that are ready will hear the calling and find their ways within trust, love and the light that they Are.

Choose and Be.

Within Love,

Reintegration with fragmented parts of Soul

As we wander off on the road that is called life in search for salvation, we fragment parts of us that belong to our essence, but is not understood or accepted by inner parts of our self.

You allow this to part with you as it seems easier to live without the pressure or threshold that comes with the whole. At least that is what you have allowed yourself to believe.

The whole unites piece by piece again within the new structure that you have allowed in, in these times of change. Parts long forgotten are recalled, remembered and brought in, to accompany the newly found you.

Long time ago the structural changes that needed to make you whole, disintegrated with trials, situations, questioning the unknown, the whole.

Now that the time has come you recall the unthinkable and unite parts you allowed to be forgotten. Your soul can give the unthinkable illumination that was unheard of, undesired, not wanted, or directed by your minds intentions.
You were allowing to only remembering yourself to be the picture on the wall of terror, shame and disgust.

Now you know that that is no longer needed. Past rituals, experiences, situations and beliefs were there to shape you in the person needed to undertake the various missions then and now.

Now these emotions hold no longer their standing as you have allowed the greater you to submerge again within the essence that you hold dear to your hearts longing to fulfill and submit to the unknown task that lies within reach now.
Bring your focus there were it is in need for you to bring unity. Unite. Dare to be the forgotten you; ignored for centuries now becoming the butterfly that spreads the dry wings to enter the unseen, unknown, unthinkable, yet understands the currency as it relates with the given moment in no time, and can immigrate their thought and feelings as one. Unite with us. We bring you your current. Unite dear one. The fragments that formed you unite us in the now together for eternal time.

May your days be wondrous and full of bliss.

Your haven awaits your new arrival.

Until we meet the eternal you we remain within you, guiding .. to higher grounds.

Within Love,


Your Key

What is happening in our world today.

Besides the shifts that enter and change, our intentions are shifting as well.
A larger group emerges and moves away from the masses as the unknown has given them wings to fly in the direction required to move mountains, build bridges for those in need for assistance, guidance to the greater good.

Understanding the greater you is similar to an emerging tadpole into adult hood.

First you receive legs and you learn how to breathe different than before, than you start developing strength to use the new abilities so you can get out of the water and jump into the new world that has opened up for you.

Transformed and yet the same in many ways, only adapted to the settlement requirements. You now know what to do in similar, yet at first awkward, surroundings. Smooth you follow your feet into the unknown that is yet known by your instincts.

Experience teaches you how and when to enter further, deeper into the unknown place you call home now. Free of worries you maintain a structural sense of wanting and craving the requirements to survive.

Unlike the frog you have a brain that is aligned to your ego’s desire to rule and restructure to its belongings.

As the ego is tied to the concept of belongings it allows subtle and little movements to greater understanding that lies within the freedom of the hearts-soul connection.

How to dismiss or go past ego’s strength and believe, is the greatest trial for those that have chosen to walk the road that has no lineage to what was and no longer is matter in the New World’s structure.

Releasing conditioning, sense of knowing that was/is believed as right will bring salvation in the minds.

Allow yourself to be King that sits on thrones accessible for All. No need to separate nor to feel good by feeling better. Become the one that has no ending and no beginning. Just lives in the here and now, in full trust of what and who he/she is and exist in the way needed guided and directed by the hearts key that holds no sorrow, no belongings, no endings nor beginnings.

Engage by illuminate the You that has forgotten how to use his/her key to the world of today’s portal.
Within Love,


Messages from the soul...

What is happening in the here and now I was asked.

I could not answer as I have not taken the time to feel the silence. I have been very busy with the mundane as I shared before.

Time for silence again...

From the beginning that I opened up, information came to me that was not always understood. How Spirit speaks to me is full of depth and layers, which I could not always understand in the beginning and still not always when given. I wrote it down, and when it was time for me to understand it was brought back into my memory, sometimes years later.

I wrote articles and two books. Translated the messages into words that could be translated/understood by others.

In the beginning I received messages that seemed crazy to me, but I saved it anyways. Later on I received confirmation from well known spiritually aware people, as they went through the same change and growth at that same time. I needed that confirmation to fully embrace the unknown that is available to me and brought to my attention for a reason.

On this blog you will find information that I receive. It may not always be that clear to you in your mind. But open your heart as you read the words, and let the translation come to you the way it can and needs to. I would like to invite you to register and respond/share what you feel you need to.

The following I would like to share with you:

Under the surface things have been shifting. Have you felt it? Did you feel different, out of place, out of pace, yet doing the "normal" daily tasks.

Today (01/22/10) for the first time, time was moving slowely for about an hour. Surprised I noticed this, as time has been moving at an amazing speed in the past years. Why did it seem to slow down? Where are we in time?

You have been progressed to the next level in awareness. Such awareness requires precision, and an even mind frame, balanced between heart and mind; where communication can't be seen nor felt or heard. It simply is.

With that is meant that one no longer seeks or looks for communication, or answers. One just moves within time, with no time nor common will. with that pace you will understand the unknown.

Bring the wonders earth brings forward as mankind no longer craves the unknown. Bring forward what they can see now, in the form that brings satisfaction or progression together in the community.

May full guidance from source be with you.

As many have crossed the river to the other side of the bridge that carries no longer the burdens nor sorrows of past pursues and controls. It carries what requires your song to be heard beyond capacities known to man. Belong there where no boundaries lay. Belong to your souls intentions as you mingle within the horizon's structure with no end, no commute, no contract, just mere love and light. bring it forth dear child.

Much Love to All,



A lot is on the horizon to be seen what was not seen before.
2010 will bring us more clarity into the unknown. The unseen will become known as barriers will be chased out of our system. This will be the first step for many, to be introduced into the unknown.

Old believes become irrelevant as trust is found in the unfathomed and unexpected.

Many of you have come to the end of resolutions. This is the point where barriers are seen that firsts were not acknowledged, ignored and/or brushed away.

As we move through clouds we will see beyond what we ever dreamed of before.

Let your hearts choice guide you through the sea of wonders that enfold within each and every one of you that have chosen to be ALIVE.

Within Love,