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She put together a book with all of her paintings created in the period 1992-2011. In this books she shares her journey and lessons that came to completion in her art work.


Re-Discovering Your Truth

A guide to your deeper truth

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Novel: Moradyga - A Place Beyond Time
written by Wilhelmina



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I am thrilled and very priviledged to write a review on a wonderful book called "Moradyga" By Wilhelmina McKittrick.

The book is about a realm of existence that we feel we dream about, when really it is one of the many infinite realms of our mulit-dimensional life streams that we can participate in. Inspiring, and enables us to perceive other realms and be open to the experience.

Isis Parvati

Author’s note
Wilhelmina McKittrick

My passion lies in the endlessness of existence.

This book was written in connection with all that is. Guided I was, as I brought forward in writing, what was felt, seen, experienced and known inside.

This story is not autobiographical, yet was influenced by my life experiences, to bring forward what needed to be created.
In my world, the focus is on Love, Simplicity, Freedom and Union within total Harmony.

As I receive from Spirit to give unconditionally, I have found to receive back teachings, love and growth all for which I am very grateful.

I AM Wilhelmina and wish you a joyful and fruitful life!

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 Xsist Analysis

This beautiful book offers a roadmap to spiritual healing and recommends that one begin this journey by seeking self-awareness. Written by Wilhelmina McKittrick, artist and spiritual guide, it not only provides comforting, reassuring words of wisdom, it gives specific means and methods for living life successfully and peacefully. McKittrick recounts her own spiritual journey as her inspiration for the teachings, which began with the tragic death of her fiancé in an automobile accident, an accident that she survived.

The principles are illustrated with McKittrick’s exquisite paintings, which forcefully underscore the teachings. Included are some lessons that have been dictated by Spirit, where the author serves as the scribe, but most of the principles come directly from her and reflect a remarkable understanding of life’s complexities that has come as the result of her own experiences. She recommends, for example, that in order to achieve self-awareness, an important component on the spiritual journey, self-analysis is important. She encourages her readers to find themselves and to find a place where they belong. Important to achieving self-understanding, she advises, is to avoid the role of victim.

She teaches what she calls valuable lessons—an understanding of perfection, for instance, and keeping concepts of reality in perspective. She recommends what she calls “spring cleaning” from time to time—the cleansing of mind and soul, which she says will result in newfound energy. She feels that human beings should get involved in world healing, something that is much-needed in the 21st century. The final chapter focuses on healing and gives specific directions for becoming a healer.

This is an encouraging book that can be read by anyone over and over, and its audience is not limited to a particular age or background. The energizing, encouraging, calming benefits increase with each reading. Not only is the book beautiful, one that is worthy of display, it reveals the beautiful person who is the writer.

Wanda Morgan, Editor

Within the love to create I helped my self and am helping myself release, rebuild, heal, discover that what lies within. Over the years my paintings changed as I changed. I opened up more and more to my true self, allowing myself more and more inner freedom to create and to Be within the existence of all that is. This is brought forward in the paintings and helps others on their journey to self discovery and evolution.

What lies in the future, what will happen tomorrow or a second from now, is not of importance. What we will do with it at that moment in time is of importance. Put your light and energy in the moment, find yourself, love yourself, trust yourself, be yourself...always...and you will find fulfillment, joy, happiness because you will allow yourself the space and time to experience it.

I paint in connection with my higher-self that is connected to all the parts that belongs to my soul. What appears on the canvas is envisioned, and within the energy of Love and Light created.

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