Many interactions and experiences have made and are making an imprint in our memory. How we perceive things has to do with how we allow to see things. The allowance is based upon passed conditionings, structures and believes.

As time goes on, we grow and learn to know new ways and have new interests.
The pull towards something new is there, but self-doubt or fears are preventing us often to move forward into new adventures life is presenting to us.

Learning to know your true self, not based upon other peoples values and ways, is essential for you to experience the true inner freedom to grow into the person you have chosen to become.

I guide you through the important steps to recognize your inner strength and beauty.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I started studying Psychology and went through many tough life lessons that showed me the deeper meaning of life.

From my heart and guidance, I guide you to deeper self-awareness and your own truth.

My mission is enriching people's perception; enabling greater tomorrows.

Within Love,

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Personal Acceleration Program 

Powerful Personal Acceleration program starting January, 2018; focusing on clearing the outgrown, understanding the connections with beyond, learning how to receive, implement, and emerge into one’s true self.

The focus during the Personal Acceleration classes will stretch from learning the required basics, to advanced and independent abilities to continue onward on this road called life in a new light. You can learn about the full program on www.wilhelminamckittrick.com 

Goal is to alter your own perceptions and abilities beyond your current imagination, yet according to your truth.

Classes will be centered around the following: During these classes, I will be sharing my personal completed lessons, tools, experiences and the given in connection with beyond. Hands-on practicing, journeying, learning how to perceive the given, clearing the required energy/entities/outgrown, implement the given, reaching a deeper level of consciousness, and much more.

Followed by entering existence into a higher frequency, in conscious connection with your higher-self.

Each class will be constructed as follows: Sharing of perceived information and lesson(s) on topic,  Q&A, Hands-on practice, Q&A, Groundwork for next class.

Logistics: Personal Acceleration Program is a 5-month bi-monthly course, with 2-hour classes online or on location.

Enroll on www.wilhelminamckittrick.com, or contact Wilhelmina to establish a starting date/location.

If you have a location and group of 10 or more, or would like to participate in online classes through Skype/Telephone; Email Wilhelmina (wilhelmina@xsist.org).

Cost: $35 per class.
Optional payment discounts: $130 for 4 classes, or $300 for 10 classes.

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email with class tickets. These class tickets will be automatically assigned to the next scheduled classes. If you can not make a class; contact Wilhelmina ahead of time and your class ticket will be assigned to the following class.

Payments made are non-transferable, and non-refundable, but can be used towards one-on-one sessions or products at www.wilhelminamckittrick.com .  


Ultimate Integration with Multi-Dimensional Self Workshop

During the Ultimate Integration with Multi-Dimensional Self workshop, Wilhelmina will share about the multi-layers of existence; how to perceive it, and what it will offer you. You will be guided to a full, lasting conscious connection with all parts of self, including your Higher-Self. Which will allow faster manifestation and inner development.

Part 1:
9-Dimensional Activation
Duration: 1 ½ - 2 hrs.
You will learn about the different dimensions and will be guided through the 9 dimensions as you receive an activation that will help you remember your true essence, on an energetical level. This is required to be able to release important strands that are connected to the old paradigm of existence.
Part 2:
Energetical Clearing followed by a Journey to your Higher-Self
Duration: 1 ½ - 2 hrs. (depending on group size)
After receiving an energetic clearing, you will be guided to your Higher-Self, so you can create a lasting bond with your inner-guidance. This will leave you transformed and ready to step into the new paradigm of existence that is available to us in the here and now.
What to bring: Blanket to lay on & cover up with, water, notebook & pen/laptop; for notes.
What to wear: Comfortable cloths

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New Life Hypnosis

As a Certified Hypnotist, Wilhelmina offers sessions in person and over Skype to individuals and groups. Contact her to learn more about the possibilities.

Do you need to lose weight? Quit smoking? Do you have habits that you have outgrown, and want to change, but have not been able to do so? Do you want to enhance your athletic performance? Would you like to end phobias that are limiting your joy in life? Do you want to improve your performance? Whether it is optimizing your performance in Sales, Athletically, as a Student or in your Private Life, or you want to expand your skill-set or reduce stress in your life; Hypnosis will help you unlock the door that leads to your full potential. Hypnosis accesses the core of all your thoughts and intentions, that lies in your subconscious mind, and activates it to start producing the desired results at a conscious level.

Today, it is time for a New Life, where you will embrace your true full potential with the help of Hypnosis!
Contact New Life Hypnosis today! To book an appointment with Wilhelmina, call 405-470-9555 or email wilhelmina@xsist.org .
What is hypnosis?

First it is important to understand how our mind works.

Our conscious mind holds our short-term memory, our will power, rational and analytical thinking ability. Our subconscious mind holds our permanent memory, our emotions, habits and self-preservation (see more detailed below).

Starting in early life, we adapt to conditionings that fit our way of thinking at that time. When we outgrow these thought patterns, it is often hard not to still act upon situations, like we are used to. Even though we have embraced new truths. Our conscious mind is still preventing the newly found truth to fully establish in our subconscious mind, as it has created a barrier to the door of the subconscious mind; the critical faculty.  Hypnosis is a state in which critical faculty barrier is resolved temporarily. In the state of hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be reached by the hypnotist and informed about the clients new set goals in life. In other words, the conscious mind will not be blocking access to the subconscious mind, when one is in a state of hypnosis, also known as a meditative state.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, because the hypnotist cannot change anything, if it goes against your personal will or morals. You will only accept suggestions given to you by the hypnotist that are acceptable to you. The hypnotist will only give you suggestions compatible with your desired results.
The given suggestions, may or may not be heard by the client. This all depends on the depth of the trance. Often a client hears partially what is being shared, and often a client drifts off and doesn’t follow the hypnotist at all. It is not important to hear the suggestions with your conscious mind, as your subconscious mind is being addressed. 

Who can be hypnotized?

Anyone that has the desire to achieve the positive results they need
Anyone that has an IQ of 70 or higher
Anyone that can follow instructions

Traits of the Conscious and Subconscious Minds

Conscious                                                                      Subconscious

Active and Controlling                                                      Receptive, Spontaneous, Participatory
Deeper into detail (Analytical)                                          Considering the big picture
Competitive                                                                      Collaborative
External                                                                            Internal
From parts to whole                                                         From whole to parts
Misinterprets instructions                                                 Responds literally
Objective                                                                          Subjective
Obsessed with correctness                                              Takes path of least resistance
Rational and Logical                                                         Irrational
Serial and Linear                                                               Parallel and Seeks links
Specific                                                                             Ambiguous
Temporary memory                                                           Permanent memory
Thoughtful                                                                         Emotional
Will Power                                                                         Habits and Patterns

Coaching Sessions:

Free 15 min. introduction meeting.

First Session:

1 hour session identifying areas of growth and blockages.
What holds you back to fully acknowledge your inner strength and beauty? Learning to recognize outgrown conditionings .

Follow up sessions:
Moving forward; conquering ones fears and outgrown habits.
Goal: Full inner-trust, Self-Love and fulfillment, which results in deeper understanding of ones inner strength and abilities.

Call to make an appointment: +1 405 470 9555 or email : Wilhelmina@xsist.org

Today I decide to become who I am meant to be.

Questions asked.

I wanted to share a few questions that were asked after receiving my flyer about Self-Awareness coaching, that may be of interest to you as well:

Q. Interesting…
It is good. The flyer leaves me asking more questions about what you are offering. I am curious, in your methodology, are they the same steps for everybody or is it different for everybody?

A. It is different for everyone as everyone has different things to overcome and adjust.

Q…is there a practice that they do and you coach them through the things that come up?

A. There are several things that can be done, all depending what is needed as said before, but the start of is with a chakra assessment to let them understand the blockages and “issues” in their system (body, mind, heart) and make them understand deeper about the importance of inner balance. Then they are guided through how to analyse their past, present and future in a balanced way. A lot of work needs to be done by them, as it needs to be experienced, felt, wanted etc.. by them. those are few thoughts that the first page invokes.

Q. From your words on the first page, it seems like you are reaching out to those that are lonely, sad or even depressed. Is that your intention?

A. No just to the ones that feel incomplete and are ready to move forward.

Q. I am full of questions, I guess it is my own to ground and make tangible what you are wanting to bring forward. I want the airiness to feel like mountains instead

A. That is good, people will have to contact me to discuss things further as it is not a general coaching that can be explained in a flyer.It is personal.

Q. How can you help encourage a person to be fully present with themselves so they can have an idea of how self awareness is a key piece to their progress.

A. Not my job, I am there for those that are done with the old and want to move forward. Encouragement needs to come from within, no one can do that for others with a lasting outcome. With that I mean, yes we can encourage people for a period of time, but it is up to them to do something with that, that will aid them in the long run.

Q. Are there any practices they can do to cancel out the causes of the disassociation from themselves and enhance their personal presence?

A. By understanding the disassociations, and by finding true love for themselves, they will put in the effort, as it is time. This is all up to each and every one of us. If it is still hard, then the focus needs to be shifted to the basic aspect of their choices. Learning to understand these basic steps will eliminate the powers of disillusive believes. And eliminate truths that are old and forgotten, but still are programmed in the essence as current.

Q. How can one independently hold the change in their vibration after a session when they are cut off from themselves due to their beliefs, conditionings, lifestyle choices, etc…

A. It is coaching to learn about themselves and work with themselves by themselves, so always independently even with me there. It will not be me talking and them listening. It will be me asking to evoke their truth, so it can be recognized always.

Q. So, many people actually practice absence in there life, how can you help them change that tide within themselves assuming they want to and are open to being coached?

A. By laying it open, so hiding become not relevant anymore.


January 19, 2012
I have known Wilhelmina since 2003. During this time, I have witnessed her help strangers whether it be in a group setting or someone she ran across by "chance". At the end of their conversation with Wilhelmina they have an expression of amazement/awe upon their face. (She will not like this statement as she will think it pays into ego, but it is fact. Wilhelmina is NOT ego driven) For they recognize that she is a genuine healer and medium. Her positive, gentle, non-judgmental guidance that I have both observed and been the recipient of has transformed lives. She uses her rare ability of talking to spirit in order to guide you through the difficult times of your life. Whether it be past childhood abuse, feelings of loss of a loved one or a lack of self-worth. (She has done all of this with me.) She has shown me how to let-go of the old baggage and pain I was carrying around and how to accept myself and not look for acceptance through other people. What gifts she has given me! When your own perception changes of yourself, so does your life.  Knowing Wilhelmina has brought me peace with my past and an understanding of a larger picture. I no longer live with self-imposed limitations and feel a freedom I have never felt before.  I have grown so much from knowing her.

Looking back, I now realize how fear was controlling my life. Fear of my husband losing his job in this economy. Fear of losing another loved one. Fear that was unknowingly debilitating me. I was living with future worries or past anguish, but not living in the present. Wilhelmina has taught me to go with the flow of my life and that all the worrying I was doing was wasted energy. How did she do this you may wonder? She has done this by helping me see a new reality. A larger picture that is my life.

I know we live in a world where it is difficult to find an authentic/honest psychic medium. Wilhelmina's guidance comes from love. Her sincerity is genuine. She's the "real deal".  She can help you discover your own truth, but you need to do the work within yourself. Really examine yourself. If you're open to it and ready to begin a spiritual journey then call her.

With Love,

C. Gunner